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Cannabis is regional i.e. it grows naturally everywhere, just like any weed. Cannabis found in the United States is either grown domestically or is smuggled from Mexico or Canada.

Other countries where Cannabis is grown and exports Cannabis to U.S. are Columbia, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Thailand, South Africa and Nigeria. Growing Cannabis outdoor is a great and easy way and good quality seeds not only gives amazing weed but also produces best tasting weed with deep flavors and rich aromas.

Cannabis is one of the most widely used illegal drugs in the United Kingdom.


Cannabis plant needs a lot of sunlight i.e. without light it won’t grow. This plant needs a minimum of three hours and a maximum of eight hours of sunlight per day that is it must receive at least five hours of direct sunlight.

Growing weed outdoors


Growing Cannabis outdoor is one of the simplest ways as nature automatically will do most of the work. It depends entirely on the climate which strains will grow successfully. It is generally said that those Cannabis that grow outdoors tastes better. Growing Cannabis outside simply requires direct sunlight, fresh air and soil mixed with organic fertilizers. The plant gets all its nutrients from the soil only, so soil quality is of utmost care.

Of course Cannabis trade is a black market activity so some precautions are to be taken by the grower. 

Germination and sprouting


There are several ways for Cannabis germination



Choosing the correct type of soil for Cannabis growth is a crucial step. The soil is a good way to supplement nutrients for the growth of the Cannabis plant thus should be fertile, clayey, and allows for good drainage, water retention and should have the right amount of N-K-P(Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) and must have  a pH between 5.5-6.5.

Good soil is something which is compact and can resist water well. Worms also help keep the soil loose for the plants to grow well.

Planting and water


If the soil is good enough, the plant will grow 7-8 feet tall with roots spread 5 feet across and 6 feet deep

Site selection and protection

Site selection is of main concern for any Cannabis grower coz if there is no spacious place providing healthy environment and plenty of water then it cannot be grown. Cannabis requires water, heat, light and air to grow and if any of these conditions is not fulfilled by the site, the Cannabis plant cannot be grown. Security is the number one worry in site preparation. When selecting a site, remember there might be hunters, so protection of the crop is of main concern.

Cannabis vegetative growth

The vegetative growth of Cannabis lasts between 4 and 6 months and to get the best bud; the vegetative growth stage should be healthy and vigorous. The plants grow quickly if given proper sunlight and water.

Cannabis sexing


For a bigger yield of Cannabis and cultivation, sexing is very important. Sometimes removing the male Cannabis is also the reason for Cannabis sexing. The first and the foremost thing to be remembered is to identify the gender of the plant. Once the gender is recognized and found the male plant, covers the lower branch with black paper bag for about 12 hours during the vegetative stage so as to prevent exposure of light. Using the magnifying glass, determining the sex type the male and female plants are separated. The plant now is placed 12 hours of light exposure and again after 18-24 hours revert the lighting schedule to continue the vegetative growth of the female Cannabis only. The sexing process takes time and needs a lot of patience.

Harvesting, curing your outdoor cannabis plants


Plants are harvested when flowers ripe and makes harvesting the enjoyable time. Ripeness can be defined when pistils start turning brown, orange etc. Cannabis plants need fertilizers to grow, mature and produce THC and at the time of harvesting, the plant should be fed with plain water without any fertilizers such that they can be manicured and dried. Or stop watering the plant 2 days prior to harvest. Though it is not compulsion but it will speed the drying process.

Drying a crop will take at least 2 weeks with a temperature of about 65-75°F and when they are dry enough, they are to be cured. Curing a crop needs container made of glass or plastic. With the top on keep the container filled with crop in a dark room and check if moisture builds up. Open the container for few minutes to allow the moisture to escape. Drying will take many days.

Sick plants?

The environmental conditions put a great impact on the growth of the Cannabis plant so it must be checked carefully- climate temperature range, light cycles, plenty of water, soil, air circulation, no water clogging.

Leaves and roots show abnormal and slowed growth with new leaves yellow in color

Boron deficiency – add plant food containing boron

Leaves displaying dead spots, crinkling, spotting, small brown spots

Calcium deficiency- ensure correct pH for its growth

Leaves curling back, lack of growth and unusual coloring

Copper deficiency- flush system with clean, pH’d water

Leaves become yellow or bright green and crispy to touch

Magnesium deficiency- add commercial fertilizers rich in magnesium content

Leaves become mottled or spotted

Molybdenum deficiency- try to keep pH above 6.5 using plant food with molybdenum in it

Older, lower leaves turning yellow in the vegetative stage

Nitrogen deficiency- use nitrate of soda or organic fertilizer

Leaves turning yellow or get brown spots and appears to be burnt

Heat and Light Stress- lower the temperature and remove it from the light area


Growing hydroponic Cannabis indoors

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It is easy to grow Cannabis at home when you are very well aware of what you need to do. Growing hydroponically, one can get high yield and that too in shorter period of time as compared to growing in soil but is a bit difficult for a beginner. Given the same genetics and atmospheric conditions, the plant grows faster hydroponically as compared to growing Cannabis in soil. This is due to closer attention and more control of nutrients and more access to oxygen.


Growing hydroponic Cannabis indoors gives a yield boosting opportunity that one cannot get from growing it outdoors. When growing Cannabis indoors, the crop will be potent and clean. You are the god of your plant because the growth of the plant depends on you as you are going to provide all the ideal conditions for its growth. When you grow hydroponic Cannabis yourself, you know the crop will be intense and clean. The points to be kept in mind while growing your Cannabis hydroponically indoor are: the airflow, water, well hidden, electricity and the temperature. Hydroponics simply means growing your plant without soil gaining all the nutrients from water thus the quality of water is the utmost necessity for the same. Although growing hydroponically is easy but it seems to be difficult for those who have never grown Cannabis in soil before.

Growing Cannabis outdoors

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Growing Cannabis outdoors


Cannabis plants can be planted outdoors under the sun, either on natural soil or in pots of pre-made or commercial use. Cannabis plants are peppy, aggressive, and competitive weeds. Growing Cannabis outdoors is not just a cup of tea as one thinks of. Outdoor growing involves a lot of work, but it’s worth taking the pain. The plant grows huge if grown outdoors and it’s a fact that no artificial light can mimic direct sun light, so growing cannabis outdoor helps it gaining all the required nutrients from direct sunlight and lets it grow larger and bigger under the bright sun.


One of the main issues regarding this, which might ponder you a little, is finding the right spot to grow the crop. The quality of the soil and water availability is to be thoroughly checked before using that spot to grow cannabis,  as they’ll prove to be of great help in getting a high yield crop. One of the major drawbacks of growing Cannabis outdoors is that it starts flowering a bit later, but with passion, enthusiasm and proper preparation anyone can obtain sufficient and satisfactory harvest, just as desired.

Growing Cannabis

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Growing Cannabis

Basic Requirements: Cannabis needs proper growth medium which includes the soil with sufficient nutrients i.e. nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, the right pH value, warmth, proper light and sufficient water. These are the basic necessities required by a cannabis for its growth, and should always be kept in mind before planting it.

Cannabis Life Cycle: Cannabis, an annual plant, completes a generation with a single season. Cannabis follows the general pattern i.e. seed germination, seedlings, vegetative growth, and flowering. During the spring season, the seed getting full warmth and moisture develops into an embryo, which, after swelling up grows in the downward direction. Receiving the water and all the nutrients from soil, cotyledons unfold turning green with chlorophyll, absorbing the light. Embryo reborn into a seedling lives on food produced during photosynthesis. The whole process of germination takes 3-10days. Now comes the seedling stage, different from the embryonic leaves, completes within 4-6weeks. Cannabis experiences the maximum growth during its vegetative stage. The leaves produce energy for new growth and each day creating more leaf tissues, its overall capacity for growth increases. This stage gets completed in 3-5 months of its growth.

cannabis-seedsseeds (1)008_sprout_2


The growth of Cannabis is influenced by the photoperiod i.e. the daily number of hours of day vs. night. The plant continues its vegetative growth when the day is long and starts to flower and produce seeds as long as the nights are long. A flowering hormone is present in this plant which makes its direct interaction with the light so as to know when the flowering period expires and when the vegetative period starts. It generally needs about 2 weeks of long nights to complete its life cycle before the first flower appears.

The photoperiod for flowering depends on: the variety, the age of the plant, its sex and growing conditions.

Sea of Green (SOG) Cannabis

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What is Sea of Green?

Sea of Green is the theory of harvesting a lot of small plants, maturing them early to get fast production of buds means the flowering stage starts early when the plant is small and young.

Why Choose Sea of Green?

Instead of growing few plants and that too for a long period of time, in the same space many small plants can be harvested that matures faster and in less time. This method ensures the grower can maximize his limited amount of vertical space. It works on the principle of grow small, early flowering plants.
Sea of Green method is beneficial at the time when one crop can be started; another is maturing thus leading to a continuous harvest all round the year. The plants if started the same time creates a “green canopy” trapping most of the light at top level only and the grower attempting to concentrate on the top of the plant, using the light and space to its best advantage.
SOG is more frequently used for small grow areas though used by commercial growers too. SOG demands to harvest only the top of the plant, the bottom branches are trimmed to increase air flow.

How to use Sea of Green Method

seaofgreencannabis background

One should be well known about the concepts of SOG, a proper understanding of this technique works lets the grower grow any weed. One of the main reasons for opting Sea of Green method is that it saves money on buying seeds and ensures quality.

Here is a simple step by step guide:
• Germinate the seed or take cutting from cannabis clones.
• Grow them under 18-24 hours of light until they reach 10-12inches in height.
• Plant them out at around 1 plant per square foot and switch the life cycle to 12 hours per day so as to promote flowering.
• See if a dense canopy has been formed, trim any branch underneath it and use it for clones.
• Harvest when ready.


This method requires a lot of artificial light and thus uses the light in the best possible manner to get the best out of the plant.
Are all Cannabis plants suitable for SOG?

Almost all the Cannabis varieties can be grown using SOG method. But the best that are suitable for Sea of Green setup are Sensi Star, Nebula, Sheherazade, Belladonna, Magic Bud and Sugar Babe.

Screen of Green (SCOG) Growing Cannabis
Growing Cannabis with the ‘Screen of Green’ SCOG method

What is Screen of Green?
Screen of Green is one of the most productive, energy efficient and easiest way of growing the plant indoors. This technique is mainly used by the growers who have limited vertical space and also by those who have low level of lighting.
As the name implies, this method adds the use of screen which is a wire mesh, string or nylon netting and is kept between the plants and the lights. Screen of Green closely resembles Sea of Green with a little difference being that Screen of Green uses extensive training to produce same field of bud effect with just one plant.
Timing is very important for the success of SCROG method. This method is best suitable for small stealth grow making the best possible use of smaller lights and works well with LED grow lights and CFL lights.

Why choose Screen of Green way to Grow Weed?
One of the most productive and easiest ways to grow indoors. It involves proper training and is suitable for vertical space and is ideal for stealth grows. It makes the most efficient use of lights thus gives high yield.

PC Grow Boxes

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The PC grow boxes comes with everything that one needs for extensive growing except the plant. The PC grow boxes are perfect for controlling odor.

Stealth_Hydroponics_PC_Grow_Box      pc-grow-box1_L4p9i_24702

The main advantage of using PC grow box is that it does 99% of the work except adding the plant. The PC grow room can be used to grow any tropical or non plant indoor. The fully automated feature helps you set the grow box for once and leave it for days.
They are sturdy and smart and involve low maintenance and are secured.

Stealth Grow Boxes

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Stealth Grow Boxes


For having high quality hydroponics, the stealth grow boxes can be used. They are ideal for indoor growers and provide a strong and healthy environment for plants.

They use dual activated carbon scrubbers for complete air filtration and also use the fully automated SuperPonics System which grows the plant up to 2-5x faster than any other traditional method.
One of the extensive features of it is odor control that makes sure growing stays discrete. Stealth grow boxes are sleek, small and consumes low energy and are highly affordable.

Stealth grow boxes comes with every single component needed to produce top quality, healthy and high yielding plants.

Hydroponic Grow Tents

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The Grow Tents are ideal for experts and perfect for beginners. Grow tents are used to grow healthy, fresh produce with a hydroponic system. Grow tents, similar to grow boxes, used to create utter indoor environment for growing quality and healthy plants.
They take up very little space and are simple to set up and operate. Grow tents comes at affordable prices and helps grow excellent plants. It allows the grower to control the overall development of the plant i.e. from heat, light to the flow of nutrients and also allows grower to provide a balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide. One can get an ultimate crop and yield with the use of grow tents.
Grow tents come in all sizes and its assembling is quite easy and quick. The plants grown in grow tents are tall, thick, strong, safe and are of best quality. Grow tents come with everything one needs for growing a plant.

Gardening indoor using hydroponic grow tents can be of great challenge because with every cycle more and more understanding and knowledge will be required. Grow tents are fully automated, so one can easily set up timers for lights, weeding and watering and work accordingly.

Review: Hydroponic Grow Boxes

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Hydroponic Grow Boxes

Grow box is partially or completely enclosed system for raising plants indoors enabling a grower to create and control the growing environment for the plant such as sun, rain, wind, nutrients, and pest control etc. Growing Cannabis hydroponically gives high yield in a short span of time. Grow boxes provides an ideal solution for Cannabis plants helping them to protect against pests or diseases. Grow boxes may be soil-based or it can be hydroponic.


Intense, high-yielding Cannabis plants are easily attainable using Grow Boxes that come complete with hydroponic systems.
Some of the features of a good grow box are:
• Automated and Easy to use
• Portable and Easy to hide
• Low energy consumption

SuperCube Grow Box


SuperCube Grow Box is made such a way that it is beneficial for the growers of all skill levels; from beginners to professionals. The plants grow faster and bigger if grown in SuperCube Grow Box. These boxes have the potential capability of growing 1-20 adult plants up to 3-4 feet tall. Grow boxes uses SuperPonics grow system that combines top feed watering, deep water culture, bubble and aeroponics growing method.

SuperCombo Grow Box

The SuperCombo is an amazing combination of both SuperCube and SuperBox paired to combine cloning and vegetating in SuperBox and flowering in SuperCube for continuous harvest cycle. It can hold up to 12-16 plants and is ideal for personal use and the reservoir can hold up to 10 gallons of nutrient rich water which is easy to maintain. It comes with every single component that is needed to produce astonishing, top quality and high yielding plants.

The Deluxe 3.0 Grow Box

The Deluxe 3.0 Grow Box gives the ideal indoor gardening environment. Grows the plant up to 5x faster, bigger, better and easier combining top feed, deep water culture, bubble and aeroponics. It comes with adjustable internal circulation and Net Screen Trellis which helps growing the plant up to full canopy, light penetration and support for up to big and better plants. This powder coated grow box is capable of supporting 36 plants with SuperPonics System.

Green House Strain Hunters

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Green house strain hunters

The only aim of strain hunters is to identify, locate and retrieve Cannabis landraces that have not been explored so far, in order to benefit scientists and doctors to further augment their knowledge in the medicinal field of Cannabis plant. A series of documentaries is available here to inform the general public about how to preserve Cannabis plant.