Grow Lights And Its Benefits In Growing Marijuana

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Grow Lights And Its Benefits In Growing Marijuana written by: mwaita2001

Just like any other plant, the marijuana plant also needs a substantial amount of light. The intensity of light needed will vary from marijuana-lightsone species to another. It will also differ at different stages of growth. Nonetheless, light is essential for proper germination, growth and development. The main benefit of light is production of chlorophyll. This is the green matter that makes a plant look healthy. It is also an indicator of a plant containing all the necessary ingredients. Usually, plants grown in the outdoors will receive sufficient lighting throughout their lifespan. There is a common slogan that states more light equates to more buds.

The Appropriate Amount of Light

Cannabis is a very versatile plant. It can virtually grow anywhere. However, it also requires a substantial amount of light for it to grow properly. On average, the plant has a lifespan of one year. This basically means the plant will grow from seed to plant within one year. The sun is known to be the best source of light. This is due to its intensity and lengthy availability. Generally, a plant will require more light during its germination stage, (at least 8 hours). When in the budding stages (flowering stage) it will require less light (at least 12 hours of night).

Why People Are Opting For Indoor Growing

Traditionally, marijuana was mainly grown in the outdoors. However, of late, quite a number of people are opting to grow the plant indoors. There are a couple of reasons that are influencing this trend. These comprise of the following:

· Scarcity of Space: – Due to lack of enough space, it is becoming more suitable to grow it in the garage, backyard, or in potted plants.

· Legalization: – The plant is increasingly becoming legal in many states and regions thus giving people a new opportunity to cultivate it.

· Improved Technology: – Better technology is leading to quality grow lights that are nearly as effective as sunlight.

· Better Management: – Environmental and weather conditions affect how well a plant will grow. However, growing it indoors allows a grower to manage the plant much better. For instance, a greenhouse will minimize the effects of pathogens, parasites, diseases, and much more.

· Convenience: -Having your plant within your reach also adds convenience to the grower. The need to go out in the field especially during bad weather is completely done away with.

Types Of Grow Lightingmarijuana-grower

Over time, different types of marijuana grow lights have been invented. Each type of light will have its benefits as well as drawbacks. Therefore, as a potential cannabis grower, or a person looking to upgrade the lighting, it is necessary to research on the most suitable ones. You should also note that Incandescent light is not appropriate for marijuana growing. The most common types readily found in the market are as follows:

· High Intensity Discharge (HID)

These are among the most powerful lighting devices. They will produce high intensity of light thereby accelerating the germination and growth. Unfortunately, they also produce a lot of heat which is not suitable for the plants. You may thus need to locate them at a distance. In addition, you also have to come up with a design that easily dissipates the heat or else you may turn your garden to a kiln. Furthermore, they are not so energy efficient hence will increase your power bills. The lights may come as HPS (High Pressure Sodium) or Metal Halide (MH) lights.

· Compact Florescent Lights (CFL)

CFL are also quite popular especially for the first timers or novice. They are also referred to as starter lights. Unlike the HID lights they are quite basic hence easy to setup. In addition, they also consume less energy due to their simple design. Another advantage of the starter light is that it does not produce as much heat as MH or HPS. So, you can use them within a very small area or in a region that has restricted ventilation. Unfortunately, the lights will usually be suited for a small space. Besides, upgrading the lights is not easy and straightforward.

· LED (Light Emitting Diode)

LED lighting is viewed as the light for the future. Every other day, newer technology makes them more efficient and user-friendly. For instance, some LED lights are quite durable. They also produce very minimal heat hence fit for the plants. In addition, the grow lights are also known for their energy efficiency. As a grower, you can always leave the lights on for longer without fear of tripling your power bills. Unfortunately, the initial cost of installing LED lights is quite high. On the other hand, finding the right system that works may require a bit of research and skill. This is probably because the lighting fixtures are still in development.

What to Consider When Installing Grow Lights

· Cost: – As a grower, you should play close attention to the cost of purchasing, installation, and also power usage.

· Intensity of Light: – The more intense the light the more productive the crop.

· Heat Production:-It is also good to consider using lights that have minimal heat as too much heat affects productivity.

· Energy Efficiency: – Using the lights increases the power bill. Therefore, you may need to go for energy efficient lighting.

· Brand Reputation: – It is important to go for well known brands as this assures you of good production. This may particularly apply to LED where some brands are very good while others simply do not work.

· Suitability for Each Stage:-Some lights will generally work in all stages. However, some will only be fit for a certain stage. For example, Metal Halide (MH) is usually ideal for the vegetative. On the other hand, HPS are suitable for the flowering stage.

The possibility of growing cannabis indoors brought relief to many growers as well as users. The availability of the plant was no longer determined by the weather and climatic patterns. For instance, it was known that during long nights, there was a scarcity. Furthermore, bad weather such as hurricanes, storms, or torrential rains would easily sweep clean a field full of marijuana. Fortunately, grow lights have not only made it possible to increase your yield, but also watch over the plants. Besides making use of the ever decreasing spaces, it also ensures that you will always produce high quality commodity all year round.

Best methods to get the best harvest

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Best methods to get the best harvest written by: perfect1

Cannabis or in other words marijuana is one of the well-known capricious plants to be grown. If in case you are not in a position to provide an adequate care, then you will not be able to get a good harvest. In that case, there are some few important methods that you have to know in order to get a good harvest. It includes the following:

· The outdoor harvest of cannabis. Normally, the best cannabis crops are mainly grown outdoors. All the plants need some light more or less, but when it comes to the case of cannabis, the importance of this particular crop is considered to be paramount. The flowering period of this kind of plant depends on the amount of exposure it gets to both the darkness and the light. In order to get the best outcome, you will have to expose your crop to the sunlight for twelve hours and also twelve hour darkness. A single crop of cannabis requires one year of maturity. In most cases, this crop gets flowers towards the start of the winter season. This is the period when the periods of darkness are lengthened and the days become shorter. For you to ensure a good harvest, you have to make sure that your crops gets adequate sunlight for the right period of time. You have to also note that it is important for your crops to be exposed to the right period of darkness as well.

· Indoor harvest of Cannabis using Hydroponics. When compared to all the indoor methods that are normally used for growing this type of crop, this is rated as one of the best methods that give the best results. This is simply because the crop grows at a faster rate and more so larger with hydroponics. The growth speed is accelerated since the plants get higher nutrient levels and also more oxygen infusion. The yield that comes from the cannabis which is grown hydroponically is seen to be far superior when compared to the crop which is outdoor-grown. This is usually possible since in hydroponics, you are able to control all types of elements that make the crop to grow into maturity. The only challenge with the use of this system is that, it is a bit difficult for the starters to master hence it takes more time to get enough experience to get to know how this system works.

· Sea of green method type of harvesting. When using this type of method, the crops are manipulated to begin flowering when they are still in the younger stage, hence it expedites the harvest time. This method is usually more beneficial when a farmer decides to grow more than one type of crop during season because the place to be sown is seen to be small. This can translate to a good overall harvest in a year. When nurtured in the right manner, all the types of cannabis will have to respond very well to this kind of method. To add on this, there are some of the marijuana varieties that you have to know such as Magic Bud, Sugar Babe, Belladone, Nebula and many others. This method is simple to implement and the crop is planted purposely to grow into a green canopy that can be able to absorb light which is maximum at the top. When the crops have reached their maturity stage, it is harvested. This helps in increasing the flow of the air at the lower parts of the crop. The branches which are at the lower part of the crop are trimmed in order to facilitate the better growth. Though this method is easily applicable, this technique has to be properly internalized if in case you are in need of good results from the crops. This method also is the best when the planting area and capital for buying seeds is limited.

· Screen of green method. It is also referred as SCOG. This is yet another best method of growing cannabis. In fact; this is the most recommended method that can produce the richest harvest of Cannabis when compared to other methods. Apart from the rich crop, this kind of method has got a chance to enjoy the advantages of being one of the easiest methods to adopt. It can be even used by the growers who have no experience. It is a method which is seen to be the most rewarding when it comes to those growers who have the access to light sources which are low and also limited space. With the use of this particular method, the grower have to use just one or in other case a minimal number of crops and uses also a wire mesh screen portion to act as a barrier between the plant and the light. The source of light may be small and not significant as one. If in case you want to grow the cannabis crops secretly without the knowledge of anyone else, then this is the right method for you. Timing is the only factor which is considered to be critical in this method. Once you have mastered the timing process, then you will get a chance to harvest good yields of high quality and quantity. When using this method, make sure not to be disappointed if in case you get a less than the expected results in your initial attempt. With time, you will get to know and gain experience on how to get the best results when using this method and at the end you will realize that this unique method is a very easy method to use

In conclusion, these are some of the best methods for you. Having some of the best methods is of great importance for you will get the best yields that you have never seen before. So, if you had no idea, then these are the best methods that you should adopt and be rest assured that you will be successful with the use of these important methods.

4 Methods That Will Help You Reap A Great Harvest

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Cannabis (Cannabis sativa) or marijuana is a capricious plant to grow. Whether you grow it outdoors or indoors, if you do not take adequate care, you would not be able to enjoy a good harvest. At the same time, it does not take too much effort to ensure that you grow a good crop.

1. Outdoor Harvest Of Cannabis – the best crops of cannabis are grown outdoors. All plants require light more or less, but with cannabis its importance is paramount. The time of flowering of this plant actually depends on how much exposure it gets to both light and darkness. For best results, you will need to expose the crop to 12 hours sunlight and 12 hour darkness.

One crop of cannabis requires one whole year to mature; it flowers towards the beginning of the winter when the days become shorter and darkness periods are lengthened. To ensure a rich harvest you need to ensure that the crop gets enough direct light for the right length of time; and it is equally important that the plants are exposed to the right length of darkness as well.

2. Indoor Harvest of Cannabis With Hydroponics – out of all the indoor methods used for growing cannabis this is perhaps the one which will give you the best results ever. This is because the plant grows faster and much larger with hydroponics – this is the soil-less methods of growing crops – as compared to the plants that would grow outdoors. The speed of growth is accelerated because the plants receive higher level of nutrients and more infusion of oxygen.

The yield from hydroponically grown cannabis is far superior to the one you get from the outdoor-grown crop. This is possible because in hydroponics you can control all the elements that make the plant grow into a mature plant, i.e. temperature, light, darkness, water and nutrients. The only drawback with this system is that it is a little difficult for beginners to master. It takes some time to gain enough experience to master the system and grow a perfect crop of cannabis.

3. Sea Of Green Method Of Harvesting Cannabis – this is a novel way to grow marijuana plants. With this method the plants are manipulated to start flowering when they are still young, expediting the time of harvest. This method is especially beneficial when the grower plans to grow more than one crop during the year because the area to be sown is small and hence multiple (and continuous) crops could ensure a good overall yearly harvest.

If nurtured correctly all the varieties of cannabis respond well to this method of harvesting. However, you will get the best results with the following varieties of marijuana – Sugar Babe, Magic Bud, Belladone, Sheherazade, Nebula and Sensi Star among others.

The method is relatively simple to implement. The crop is planted to grow a green canopy that can absorb maximum light at the top; as and when the plants mature at the top it is harvested and this increases air flow at the lower ends of the plants. The lower branches are trimmed to facilitate better growth.

Though the method is easy to apply, the technique needs to be internalized properly if you want optimal results from your crop. This method is best when area of planting is limited and so is capital to buy seeds. The flowing steps are to be incorporated in the Sea Of Green (SoG) method:

- New plants are obtained either by germination or through cuttings from marijuana clones;

- The saplings are grown in area where light exposure is generated for 18-24 hours until the plants grow to a height of about 12 inches;

- Each sapling is then sown on a plot of 1 square foot and then provided the regular 12 hour light and 12 hour darkness cycle as it would get outdoors until it starts flowering;

- When the underneath forms a dense canopy of cannabis these are trimmed to make clone plants for the next crop;

- Harvest when the crop is ripe and ready.

4. Screen of Green – also known as SCOG this is another method of growing marijuana quickly. In fact this one of the methods that produces the richest harvest of marijuana amongst all. Besides the rich crop, this method enjoys the advantage of being one amongst the easiest to adopt even for inexperienced growers.

This method is most rewarding for those who have access to low light sources and limited vertical space. With this method the grower uses just one or a very small number of plants and uses a portion of wire mesh screen as a barrier between the light and the plant. The light source can be as small and insignificant as one or a few LED bulbs.

The steps used in the Sea of Green are used here, too but on a highly limited scale. This method is very useful for people who want to grow the marijuana plant secretly without anyone else’s knowledge – say, in a closet, under the bed, etc.

The only factor that is critical to the Screen of Green method is timing. If you master the timing, you can have a great (personal) crop even with just ONE plant. For light the lowest is the LED, but you could use CFL bulbs as well for better (quicker) results.

There are many methods to grow this controversial plant and some are easy and some are not. For those who want to try their hands at growing cannabis this guide will help you gain a basic idea of what you could use depending upon the factors and facilities available to you. No matter which method you choose, you will need to research it in depth and practice it for a while before expecting optimum results.

Do not be disappointed if you get a less than perfect crop in the initial attempts. With time and practice your crops will become better and better and you would find it easier to use whatever method you choose to master among the above mentioned four. You could also try your hand at all the methods and see which one suits you best – in other words, which one will give best returns for your efforts and investment.

Grow Lights for Cannabis

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Light is one of the most basic needs of all cannabis plants and without light it cannot grow. The sun is the best source of light. Cannabis live out their whole lives (seed to harvest) in just one year, and they need to get a lot of light in order to make enough energy to grow big, then produce buds (marijuana flowers). Growing cannabis outdoors, the sun is generally all the light you need to grow your own weed. When growing outdoors, cannabis needs to grow in a sunny spot with plenty of direct sunlight throughout the whole day. The length of time that your cannabis gets light and darkness each day will determine when it starts flowering (making buds). Most cannabis plants need long (12+ hours) nights to start flowering. The major factor that determines when most cannabis plants start flowering is the length of the photoperiod, or how long the plant receives light and total darkness each day.

The sun is in charge of when your plants start budding. When the days start getting shorter as winter approaches, your cannabis plants will naturally start flowering.

Germinate Your Seeds

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Germinate Your Seeds

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to read about how to find a good strain of seed and what to look for in their appearance by reading our seeds and clones article. Germination is simply the process by which plants emerge from their seeds and begin to grow. There are several different ways to germinate a marijuana seed each having their own set of advantages and downsides.

Requirements for Sprouting

Contrary to what many people may believe, having a light source isn’t required to properly germinate a seed. In fact, it may actually hinder the speed of germination. These are the three main components necessary for your seed to come to life:

1.     A Dark Environment

2.     Sufficient Moisture

3.     Adequate Warmth

Once you realize that these three factors contribute to a seed sprouting, then common sense will come into play and you should be able to figure out various methods for successfully germinating a cannabis seed. However, we’re going to outline one of the most popular methods to help you get started.

The Paper Towel Method

We recommend using the paper towel method for germinating your seeds because it’s one of the quickest and easiest methods available and it only requires a paper towel and a little bit of water. Take your paper towel and fold it half once and place it on a plate. Lightly add water allowing it to moisten, but not to the point where it’s soaked. You want it to be damp, but not dripping wet so give it a good squeeze if you used too much water.

cannbis-seedspapertowelmethodseeds (1)

Next place your seeds onto the half folded towel spaced out in a way where to roots won’t touch when they sprout. Fold the other half of the paper towel to cover the seeds and add more water if necessary. Remember, the entire towel should be damp. Now you will want to place another plate over-top of the plate your seed-filled towel is on to create a cover for your dark environment and to preserve the moisture of the towel.

Maintain a Proper Environment

Now that you’re done setting up your germination method, you will want to make sure that the temperature surrounding the seeds is around 70 to 85 degree Fahrenheit and that the paper towel never gets completely dry. Most healthy seeds will sprout roots within a 48 hour period,so check frequently for the roots and the white shoot to emerge from the top. Whenever it sprouts those, then you are ready to plant them approximately a half inch deep into your soil and began lightly watering.

Successfully grow cannabis outdoors: Introduction

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Grow cannabis outdoors

There’s a reason why marijuana is commonly called weed by many people all around the world and that’s because its true nature is to act like a weed. Weeds are generally known as plants that crop up in random areas where no one originally wanted them to grow. Growing marijuana outdoors is a simple and direct process, but if you would like to ensure the greatest harvest possible with the finest quality herbs then there are many various steps, tips and advice that you need to follow. Throughout our pages and articles you will be surrounded with an abundance of valuable information that will transform your mundane growing operation into a fully optimized, high quality producing garden.

Cannabis around the World

Cannabis has been growing all over the earth in various environments for many years. Take for example Akmola, Kazakhstan. The climate consists of warm summers and much colder winters. The precipitation varies between arid and semi-arid conditions; which means the area gets little to no rain and often has an environment that’s too dry to support vegetation. However, that hasn’t stopped the abundance of wild cannabis growth. In fact, the government of Kazakhstan has built a complex of four factories whose main purpose is to transform the country’s vast acres of wild cannabis into hemp fibers, which are then used towards building tiles and providing farms with animal feed.


Every attempt to completely eradicate the cannabis crop in Kazakhstan using various herbicides and even flamethrowers has failed proving once again that marijuana can and will survive in almost any outdoors environment.

What You Need to Know to Grow

There are many factors that come into play to successfully grow the best quality cannabis outdoors. One of these factors includes using proper placement of growing locations for optimum sunlight. Another aspect to keep in mind, is choosing the proper seeds and clones to match your specific environment. Are you familiar with the necessities of germination and sprouting in fertile soil? If you’re unable to successfully sprout your seeds, then nothing else really matters beyond that point. All of these questions and many more will be answered for you and the proper resources and tools necessary will be provided. Everything from the confusing discussion of marijuana sexing to the more simple process of properly curing your outdoor plants will be covered so as to ensure that your outdoor marijuana growing experience will be successful.


Successfully Growing Cannabis Outdoors: Location

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Having a large piece of land to use freely as your grow garden is great, but often isn’t a viable option for most people. Therefore, when selecting the prime location for your cannabis plants, you must remember to follow a particular set of rules that will ensure that your plants grow to their full potential without being damaged by the surrounding environment. If you haven’t already read our extensive guide to the importance of sunlight, then you should skim through it before reading this article.

Choosing a Convenient Location


There are a number of reasons why you should choose a location for your plants that is easily accessible to you. You will need to constantly check up on your plants to ensure that they all receive the sufficient water and nutrients that they need to grow to their maximum potential. If you’re using plant pots for your cannabis, then they will need additional water during days of abnormal heat and times when they are in direct sunlight for 12 or more hours. It’s a great idea to avoid black pots if you choose this route, as they attract the most heat from the sunlight and will require extra care to make sure that they are sufficiently hydrated.

Keep your Plants Safe

Besides convenience, safety is another key factor in your plants successfully growing to maturity. Choosing an area that is private is important. It’s fairly easy to spot marijuana plants, especially those that have flowered, so carefully pick a location that you feel will be avoided by hikers or people passing by. Apart from humans, animals such as deer and rabbits are another threat to the safety of your plants. In an effort to keep your plants from being eaten before harvest time, you can surround your grow spot with branches and scrub in hopes of deterring these curious animals. If you would like to take it a step further, you can even strategically place thorny plants around the area as an effective method for getting rid of both humans and animals from wandering in too close.

Diversify your Locations

If you would like to have a successful planting season, it’s important to diversify your gardens. Losing a few plants isn’t uncommon when it comes to outdoor growing efforst, even if you take the necessary steps to prevent such an occurrence. Therefore, the more locations you have for growing your plants, the better chance you will have that at the end of the season you will not come up empty handed.

Successfully Growing Cannabis Outdoors: Seeds and Clones

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Before you even began growing, you must first find some good female marijuana seeds or clones. It can often be quite tricky to tell the difference between a male and female plant, but it’s important to learn how if you plan on becoming an experienced grower. Male plants shouldn’t come into contact with your female plants which are the ones that produce the flowers and buds that have the highest cannabinoid content.

Natural Plant Cycle


To understand the reason why it’s important not to mix male and female plants when trying to product high quality marijuana, we must look at the natural life cycle of the plant. When male flowers open they release pollen which is meant to come into contact with the female flowers. Once the male flowers are opened, the plant begins to die. Consequently, when the female plant gets pollinated and produces seeds they will then fall from the female plant onto the ground below so as to produce more plants. Once the female plant releases all of her seeds, she then also dies much like the male plant. The quicker you separate the two, the quicker you will have a strong female plant that yields the maximum production.

Find a Good Strain

seed6seed5Cannabis Sproutscannabisseed3

If you don’t have a clone available from a successfully grown plant, then you will need to find good seeds of an outdoor strain of marijuana. When you can aim to purchase seeds that are feminized. Feminized seeds are treated with chemicals to ensure that over 95% of the seeds turn into female plants and are able to sustain outdoor conditions. Purchasing seeds that are going to be female and able to survive outdoors is important and a worthwhile investment because you can easily waste an entire season trying to produce crops from worthless plants that are unable to survive cold nights or adverse conditions.

Appearance of Seeds


At a glance, your seeds should look lively, green and have an overall healthy appearance. Fresh seeds will have a waxy glimmer and a hard intact shell. If you give your seed a gentle squeeze and it breaks, then most likely they were harvested before the seeds matured fully on the plant. The larger the seed the better, but it’s best to get a variety of different seeds and keep them separated. It’s a good idea to do plenty of research and figure out which seeds will grow in the conditions where you currently live before you start planting any random seeds.

Successfully Growing Cannabis Outdoors: Sunlight

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The first and most important rule when growing cannabis outdoors is choosing the proper location to get the best sunlight possible for your plants to grow in a healthy condition. If you haven’t already done so, take a quick look at our introduction to growing cannabis outdoors. Why is sunlight so important when it comes to growing cannabis outdoors? That is because there are countless examples available of individuals who completely ignored the need for optimum sunlight and were then left with damaged plants or were simply lacking enough sunlight for them to grow to their full potential.

Marijuana plants require a minimum of five hours of sunlight daily. The reason I say minimum is because the optimal time for your plants to stay in the sun is closer to eight hours in order to ensure that your plants get the best possible treatment from outdoor conditions possible. During different times of the process however, it’s vital that your plants receive more sunlight than the average eight hours.

Production of Flowers

Towards the middle of summer when the sun is shining its longest, your plants will need to be receiving their maximum amount of sunlight. During these 12 to 14 hour long periods the cannabis will be growing at its quickest pace in preparation for harvest time. Once the length of each day’s sun begins to decline, this will provide a signal to the marijuana plant that it’s almost time for harvest. At this stage, the longer length of darkness triggers the natural mechanism in the maturing plants telling them that it’s the right time to start producing flowers. This process isn’t limited to the marijuana plant either because nearly all plants have sensitivities to light and darkness that cause certain reactions. Therefore it’s important to note that the times of complete darkness are equally as important as the amount of sunlight your plant receives.

When to Plant, When to Harvest


For us to receive the complete benefits of natural sunlight, we must choose the best possible seasons in which to plant our seeds. Late April to early May is the time when you should aim to begin growing your plants to avoid the frosts of the winter season. By doing this, you can ensure that halfway through the summer season, your plants will get around 14 hours of sunlight. Then when August and September come around and the sunlight time drops significantly you will know that the flowering stage has begun and you can begin to prepare for harvest.

Hydroponic Growing Systems

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An increased interest in home gardening is giving rise to hydroponic system. Hydroponic generally refer to working water originated from the Latin words “hydro” meaning water and “ponos” meaning labor. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrients from water without soil. A variety of hydroponic systems are available these days and each having their own advantages and disadvantages. One can refer to any of these methods of growing Cannabis hydroponically

Sea of Green  

Screen of Green

There are six types of Hydroponic Growing Systems: Aeroponic, Drip, Ebb and Flow, N.F.T, Water Culture and Wick System. A number of kits are serviceable to make your indoor growing space fertile and vibrant.

Aeroponics Systems


It is one of the most high tech types of hydroponic gardening. These systems do not require a growing medium for plants. It works on the principle of suspending your plant on a tray with the plants root system swinging freely below and is misted with nutrient solution. Misting is done usually after every few minutes because the roots are exposed to air, the roots will dry if misting cycles are interrupted. A timer must be used ensuring that the plant is properly misted with nutrients. Aeroponics produces greater yield and uses very less water and gives the grower the control over nutrient rich water distribution. This system is ideal for commercial production as it is the most difficult and time consuming system and is very expensive too.

Nutrient Film Technique (N.F.T)


One of the most commonly thought off hydroponic systems is nutrient film technique. This system allows a constant flow of nutrient solution thus eliminating the need of timer. A properly designed NFT system is one based on using right channel slope, right flow rate, and right channel length and in which the roots are exposed to adequate supplies of water, oxygen and nutrients. The nutrient solution is pumped into the growing tray and it flows over the roots of the plant and draining back into the reservoir. The roots dry out very rapidly if nutrient solution flow is interrupted.

Water Culture

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdeepwaterculturecannabis

Simplest of all the hydroponic systems. A Styrofoam platform typically is used for holding the plant and floats directly on the nutrient solution. An air pump is used supplying air to the bubbling stone releasing all the nutrient solution and supplies oxygen to the roots of the plants. Leaf Lettuce is the preponderant plant grown with this type of system as it is the fast growing water loving plant.

Drip System


One of the most widely used types of hydroponic systems is Drip System. A timer is used that controls the submersed pump. The timer turns on the pump and lets the nutrient solution dripped onto the base of each plant by small drip line.

In recovery Drip System excess of nutrient solution is collected in the reservoir and is reused. It is more sustainable, however the pH and nutrient strength may vary because of reusing of the nutrient solution and it doesn’t require precise control of watering cycles.

In Non-recovery Drip Solution no nutrient solution is being collected thus there is a need of timer ensuring that least amount of nutrient solution is wasted.